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This item is for two (2) Best Gasket GraphTite cylinder head gaskets for 1955-1956 Packard 320ci, 352ci, and 374ci V-8 engines. P/N (2) 719G. These engines were also used in some 1955-1956 AMC, Hudson, and Studebaker models.

Best Gasket is the leading name in sealing performance for the restoration industry. Image shown is of actual product provided by Best Gasket.

GraphTite cylinder head gaskets consist of Kevlar reinforced graphite facing material mechanically bonded to both sides of a perforated steel core. This modern engineered, high performance material is rated to a temperature of 1400-degrees F. Steel fire rings are installed in the combustion chamber areas of the gaskets.

GraphTite head gaskets have superb sealing characteristics, excellent torque retention, and hold up to the punishment dished out by high performance engines - high quality all the way. These head gaskets may be overkill for cruiser engines, but so what... extra performance never hurts!

FALCON TECH NOTE: When installing GraphTite head gaskets, use a spray-on sealant like K&W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket and always re-torque... no shortcuts.

Falcon Performance specializes in shipments to Sweden, Germany, Australia, Norway, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Iceland, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and many other countries. Please use the shipping calculator for orders outside the continental USA.

Put our 75+ combined years of experience to work for you... Thank you, the Falcon Team!

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