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25" overall length cylinder head

 BEST Gasket complete/full gasket set for 1937-54 Chrysler and DeSoto models and 1937-68 Dodge truck models using a 218ci, 228ci, 237ci, 241ci, 251ci, or 265ci flathead 6-cylinder engine with a 25" overall length cylinder head; rear main seal available separately. P/N RS510C. BEST Gasket is the leading name in sealing performance in the restoration industry. Image shown is an actual factory supplied picture showing set contents.

Best copper cylinder head gaskets consist of one side in copper and the other side steel sheet, best suited for the applicaiton. Excellent torque retention is achieved by using superior materials. Best copper gaskets are definitely “old-school” but with a modern flair for better performance. They are such works of art, we almost hate to sell them!

FALCON TECH NOTE: When installing a Best copper head gasket, use a spray-on sealant like K&W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket and always re-torque; no short-cuts.

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