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Chevy 348 396 402 Hastings RACE Ductile Moly Rings 1/16-1/16-3/16 4.165" .040"

This listing is for a Hastings Tough Guy Premium Ductile Series piston ring set for Chevrolet 400 348 396 402, and Oldsmobile 425 455 V-8 engines requiring 1/16" compression rings and 3/16" oil rings. P/N 2M5529-040. Piston ring specs are as follows:

  • TOP LAND: 1/16" - Ductile Iron, Plasma Moly Coated
  • 2nd LAND: 1/16" - Cast Iron
  • OIL RING LAND: 3/16" - Flex-Vent
  • Bore: 4.165"

Hastings Premium Ductile Moly Tough Guy rings include top rings made of poprietary shell-mold, ductile high-tensile strength premium cast iron. They are coated with plasma moly impact-resistant alloy. The advantages of ductile iron are:

  • Stronger and more resilient that gray iron
  • Can withstand higher operating temps than gray iron
  • Vistually unbreakable upon installation or under extreme stress
  • Great for High Performance and Turbo-Charged applications

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