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Packard 245 282 288 327 356 ROPE Rear Main Seal Set BEST 1935*-54



Another great vintage listing from Falcon Classic! This listing is for a BEST Gasket GraphTite™ rope rear main seal set for the following applications/engines:

  • 1948-50 Packard 245ci 6-cylinder
  • 1935-47 Packard 282ci 8-cylinder
  • 1948-54 Packard 288ci-327ci 8-cylinder
  • 1940-50 Packard 356ci (Super 8) 8-cylinder
P/N 5470S. BEST Gasket is the leading name in sealing performance in the restoration industry. Image shown is an actual factory supplied picture.

Ever since the big gasket manufacturers discontinued using asbestos in the 1990's, rope rear main seals have been a huge problem to the vintage car enthusiast. The non-asbestos rope seals available from the big boys are next to impossible to trim and do a poor job of sealing. GraphTite™ rope seals are miles ahead of any other rope seal out there. This marvelous material is easy to trim... and it seals!!! To ensure exact trimming, each kit includes installation instructions, a special knife, and a few other trimming aids. Customers have reported great success with GraphTite™ rope seals, finally solving those aggravating rear main seal leaks. No hype here... just results.

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