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Speed Pro Chevy 350/383 Forged Flat Top 2VR Pistons+MOLY Rings for 5.7 rod +40

Set of 8 Speed Pro Forged Pistons for Chevrolet 350/383 PLUS Moly Rings


About Speed Pro street series power forged pistons:

Higher compression, longer life.
These Power Forged pistons from Speed-Pro are designed to fit tight, thanks to a special aluminum alloy that doesn't expand as much as other alloys. They'll provide the stability and ring control you need, plus the strength you want. Speed-Pro pistons also feature ribbed skirts for better oil retention, and even included new wrist pins!

Federal Mogul/Speed Pro Piston Part

Power Range Special requirements

Compression information

Ring groove size

Pin diameter

Rod length


Deck clearance

Skirt clearance

L2491NF+40 plus moly "drop-in" piston rings (Perfect Circle/MAHLE) P/N L2491NF-KIT - We also have other piston sizes available.

Chevrolet 383 Stroker; 350 using a 3.750" stroke crank - 4.040" bore (at +.040" bore)

Flat head w/2-valve reliefs. DurOshield skirt coated piston.

idle to 7000+rpm Good for street or race/nitrous to 150 shot

1.430" compression distance

Approx. Compression (w/.030" bore):

w/58cc heads 11.55:1

w/64cc 10.76:1

w/72cc 9.88:1

1/16" 1/16" 3/16" ring grooves

.927" pin diam. - pins included

for 5.700" length rods

Press-fit or floating

3.750" stroke

.020" deck clr

.0050" skirt clr

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