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This item is for eight (8) STANDARD bore Speed Pro/Sealed Power hypereutectic, coated skirt flat top pistons and a moly piston ring set (Hastings/MAHLE) for Ford 289ci and 302ci small block V-8 engines. P/N (8) H273CP-STD + 2M139-STD. These pistons can be used as a performance upgrade in engines originally equipped with dish top pistons.



  • Bore 4.000 in. (at standard bore)
  • Stroke: 2.870 in. for 289ci; 3.000 in for 302 (stock)
  • Connecting Rod Length: 5.155 in for 289ci, 5.090 in. for 302ci; rods NOT included
  • Piston Top Style: Flat top with 4-valve reliefs
  • Piston Head Volume: +8.0cc
  • Compression Distance: 1.605 in.
  • Wrist Pin Diameter: .912 in.; pins included
  • Wrist Pin Style: Press-fit or floating; pin clips included
  • Ring Land Size: 5/64-5/64-3/16 (oil ring); rings included
  • Usage: Street and mild strip; up to 75HP of nitrous
  • RPM Range: Idle - 6,000
  • Compression Ratio (approximate): 9.2:1 w/58cc; 8.9:1 w/60cc; 8.1:1 w/68cc

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