Product Description


Federal Mogul/Speed Pro Piston Part

Power Range Special requirements

Compression information

Ring groove size

Pin diameter

Rod length


Deck clearance

Skirt clearance

L2262F+30- We also have other piston sizes available.

Pontiac 400 - 4.150" bore (at +.030")

Flat head w/4-valve reliefs. DurOshield skirt coated piston.

1967 Car (USA); w/4-Bbl. carburetor

1968-74 Car (USA); All 10.75:1 CR

idle to 6500+rpm Good for street or race/nitrous to 150 shot

Compression distance: 1.714"

Head volume -6.70cc

Approx. Compression (w/.030" bore):

w/69cc heads 10.24:1

w/87cc 8.70:1

w/111cc 7.30:1

5/64" 5/64" 3/16" ring grooves

Pin diameter; .980"; pins included

For stock length rods

Press-fit only

Stock 3.750" stroke

.021" deck clr

.0020" skirt clr

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