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This item is for NEW Elgin 7/16-in. "screw-in" rocker arm studs and flat guide plates for various (non-LS) Chevrolet small block V-8 engines; 265ci, 267ci, 283ci, 302ci, 305ci, 307ci, 327ci, 350ci, and 400ci. P/N RDS-941K + GP-100K. This kit includes sixteen (16) rocker studs and eight (8) guide plates. Cylinder heads will need to be machined to accept screw-in studs.

We recommend using these studs with "stock" appearing rocker arms. If using full roller rockers, we recommend using a longer rocker stud.



  • Overall Length: 2.560-in.
  • Shoulder Length: .875-in.
  • Shoulder Diameter: 7/16-in.
  • Top Thread Length: .890-in.
  • Base Thread Length: .795-in.
  • Top Thread Size: 7/16-20 (fine)
  • Base Thread Size: 7/16-14 (coarse)
  • Material: 190,000 alloy steel




  • Rocker Stud Hole: 7/16-in.
  • Pushrod Slot: 5/16-in.
  • Style: Flat
  • Material: Heat treated steel


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