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Set of 8 Speed Pro DDP Hypereutectic COATED Pistons+Moly Rings for Chevrolet 350

P/N H345DCP-KIT + LR63 (16)

About Speed Pro Digital Diamond Profile Hypereutectic Pistons:

Dominating the horsepower-per-dollar race.
These Speed-Pro Digital Diamond Profile (DDP) hypereutectic pistons feature a new digital actuated diamond turning process that produces precision skirt profiles. This new Digital Diamond Profile (DDP) technology creates a unique barrel profile of the pistons, promoting an oil wedge between the piston skirt and the cylinder wall. They feature a newly designed ring groove geometry using Thermal Arching Compensation (TAC) that machines the piston ring grooves with an uptilt to offset thermal arching distortion. This squares the ring face up to the cylinder wall for increased power and decreased oil consumption. The Speed-Pro Digital Diamond Profile hypereutectic pistons feature the next generation of Duroshield skirt coating, reducing friction across the entire rpm range and increasing wear resistance for longer life and superior noise and vibration reduction. They also use precision-machined piston pin bores that allow for either fixed or floating wrist pins; pin locks available separately. The pistons come weight-matched to a 4 gram (+/-2 grams) maximum variation within every engine set.

Federal Mogul/Speed Pro Piston Part

Power Range Special requirements

Compression information

Ring groove size

Pin diameter

Rod length


Deck clearance

Skirt clearance

H345ACP STD (H345DCP) plus moly ring set (Hastings/Perfect Circle/MAHLE) P/N H345ACP-KIT+LR63 (16)

We also have other sizes available.

Chevrolet 350ci V-8 - 4.000" bore (at STANDARD)

1982-90 Car (USA)

Can be used with other Chevrolet 350ci engines as a performance upgrade.

Flat head w/4-valve reliefs. Perf. or reg. duty operation. Not OE duplicate Wt.; Use as sets only.

idle to 6000+rpm Good for street/strip or light race

1.548 compression distance

-5cc head volume

Compression ratio (+.030" bore):

w/58cc heads 9.97:1

w/64cc heads 9.35:1

w/72cc heads 8.65:1

w/76cc heads 8.34:1

5/64" 5/64" 3/16" ring grooves

.928" pin diam.


and full float

Includes lock rings (clips) LR63 for usage with full float rods

Stock 5.700" length rods
Stock 3.480" stroke

.025" deck clr

.0010" skirt clr

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